Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what scent to add to my wrap?

Lavender is a calming and relaxing herb.  It has frequently been used for insomnia, anxiety, depression and natural stress relief.

Spearmint has many health benefits. It can alleviate symptoms of nausea or headaches. It can also reduce swelling due to muscle or nerve pain. Lavender and spearmint are our best selling scents.

How do I know which wrap is the best for me?

Eye Pillows are wonderful for savasana . It is also the perfect tool for your Yoga Nidra practice.

The Deluxe Wrap is our heaviest wrap weighing about 5 lbs. This wrap sits on your shoulders and falls down your back and over the front of the body, helping you find relief and comfort.

Many of our clients use the Eye Pillow to soothe headaches. Try placing the Eye Pillow in the freezer to cool down the spearmint and place the product over the head and eyes. Add the Perfect Flow, heated up around your neck and your headache will float away.

At the end of the day, who doesn’t want that? Pick any of our wraps, heat it up on a cool day, cool it down on a hot day or just use it for the weight and aromatherapy and watch the day leave you.

The Fidgets are a wonderful way to offer more focus into our day. These are wonderful to leave next to your computer as a quiet way to fidget during a phone/zoom call.  Do you get nervous on an airplane? Keep these in your carry on bag to hold during take off and landing.  Circle time at preschool can be hard for those little bodies. This is a quiet tool to offer our tiny friends to help with focus.

The perfect flow or eye pillow are ideal tools to keep in your bag as you head off to your client's birth.

Keep some extra eye pillows in your bag to leave with mama after the birth. She can heat them in the microwave for some calming over her eyes while she feeds her baby. Or use warmed up over a blocked milk duct.

The Deluxe Wrap has been touted as a “life saver” after a mastectomy. We hear that the reason for this is the size. It is 22 “ x 24 “ so it reaches your breast area and down by your shoulder blades, where a lot of pain occurs also.

If you are sending this to a loved one, adding the Heart of Hope is always the perfect gesture to remind them you are thinking about them.

Our wraps are used to help patients find comfort at the end of life too. The best wraps are Perfect Flow, an Eye Pillow or the lap blanket. Heated up, they can bring an incredible calm over the body. This happens because of the weight and the heat.