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Our comfort wraps serve as versatile heat packs or cold therapy aids, specializing in both eye pillows and larger wraps.

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What Makes Us Different

PM Comfort Wraps stands apart by making a 100% plastic free, natural product. We use cotton thread, cotton labels and fabrics (cotton, linen and silk) that breathe creating a mold free environment inside the comfort wrap.

Earth Views
Featuring fabric created by Dr. Karen Nyberg
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Dr. Karen Nyberg, an engineer, astronaut, and artist, boasts nearly thirty years of remarkable contributions to human space flight. During her time aboard the International Space Station, she transformed her passion for art into reality, capturing Earth's beauty through stunning space photography. These images now inspire the fabrics showcased in this exclusive product line.
Find focus in the palm of your hands

Sometimes, finding tranquility amidst the chaos can be as simple as reconnecting with nature. Introducing quiet natural fidget tools – the perfect companions for moments of mindfulness.

What's Inside?

Inside each one of our wraps is an abundance of all-natural dried herbs combined with flax seeds to create products that smell as good as they feel. These ingredients are effective at conducting heat and holding warm and cool temperatures to deliver optimal comfort.

Our Quality - First Approach

Our Comfort Wraps are made with high-quality fabrics and thread, meticulously chosen with a profound appreciation for our textile artists and their design philosophy. We exclusively opt for 100% cotton to ensure it can safely handle heat and that it remains soft to the touch.

This photo is taken from above showing our employees handcrafting our neck and shoulder weighted comfort wraps. The picture shows two hands using a machine sewing a grey piece of fabric.

Client Love

So thankful for my Deluxe Wrap. The quality is excellent. I’ve had it for quite a while and the product is still like new. Works wonders for my tension headaches and tight shoulders/neck.


I’m a doula and use these wraps with my clients almost every single birth I attend. I absolutely love that I can take the covers off and wash them. Many of clients love the Deluxe Wrap across their lower back during labor and they rave about the beautiful aroma.


I bought a Lap Blanket for my daughter to help her fall asleep at night. It works like a charm. She loves to warm it up before bed and the hear and weight really help her relax into step.


We Care About Wellness

We believe that everyone deserves wellness. We provide natural remedies to soothe physical ailments, ease aches and pains, relieve tension and stress and support deep relaxation.

We Care About Sustainability

Offering sustainable, ethical and high-quality products aligns with who we are, and what we value. All of our products are earth-friendly, and made with 100% natural ingredients and materials.

We Care About You

Relationships are the heart of what we do, and why we do it. We are dedicated to creating products that help our customers and retail partners to create new found comfort through all-natural remedies.

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