Sustain Your Calm and Comfort Between Spa Visits

There is nothing quite like the feeling of coming home from a spa or therapy treatment. Your body feels like it’s floating and you feel mentally at ease. It’s natural to want to hold onto these feelings for as long as possible, but it’s amazing how quickly the stresses of day to day life catch up with us, rendering these feelings of whole body relaxation a long distant memory.

It can feel like a lifetime until your next spa or therapy appointment, but the entire Parker Mountain Comfort Wraps line allows you to bring your spa and therapy experience home. The weighted blankets and wraps allow you to bring that sense of enclosure and security to your own space, while the eye pillows and neck wraps perfectly compliment a quiet evening spa treatment with a sense of luxury and self-care. The best thing about having these items at home is that you don’t have to wait weeks in between treatments; you could create a home spa treatment to unwind every single day after work, or use the therapy products wherever you go.

While everyone could do with a bit of Parker Mountain Comfort Wraps luxury in their life, this blog series will look at some specific groups who will benefit from the wide range of Parker Mountain Comfort Wrap products:

Students with sensory needs and anxiety about school
Elderly people in the build up to the colder weather
Athletes preparing for the new sports season
Remote workers looking for a break from endless video meetings
Pregnant women wanting to feel pampered
Doulas and midwives looking for at home care
Massage therapist who want to add some weight therapy to their repertoire
Occupational therapists looking to help their clients beyond their sessions
Yoga instructors who want to enhance the relaxation at the end of their workouts
Reynauld’s disease sufferers looking for some relief

Keep an eye out for how Parker Mountain Comfort Wrap can help all of these different groups. In the meantime, start bringing your spa and therapy experience home by exploring our comfort wrap selection. With so many different fabric, scent and size combinations, you’ll be sure to find one that will bring you that fresh out of the spa relaxation every day.

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