Press Release - March Second, Two Thousand Twenty Three

Parker Mountain Comfort Wraps Launches Astronaut’s ‘Earth Views’ Fabric Line

ROCHESTER –Parker Mountain Comfort Wraps is proud to announce its recent collaboration with United States Astronaut, Dr. Karen Nyberg with the launch of the Dr. Karen Nyberg Earth Views product line. 

Manufactured locally at the Gonic Mill in Rochester, Parker Mountain Comfort Wraps is a local e-commerce business that sells hand-made, reusable therapeutic wraps made of 100 percent cotton, specializing in eye pillows and larger wraps that are like weighted blankets. Parker Mountain’s wraps provide hot and cold weighted aroma therapy for those seeking relaxation and/or relief from pain, illness, muscle tension, and anxiety. 

The Earth Views fabric line features fabric inspired by photos taken by Astronaut, Dr. Karen Nyberg of Earth as seen from the International Space Station.  Now Parker Mountain customers have the option of enjoying some of their favorite products with a design that features an out of this world view of some beautiful places. The Heart of Hope features the Andes Mountains in Chile; the Eye Pillow brings you the Nile River in Egypt; and the Fidget showcases the Grand Canyon. 

“We like to think of it as bringing your out of this world spa experience home,” says Parker Mountain Owner, Jessica Leff.

Astronaut, Dr. Karen Nyberg, who enjoyed a nearly thirty-year career in human space flight is also an artist who took her lifelong love of creating art with her to the International Space Station. She is known for having packed sewing items to take with her to the space station and starting the astronomical quilt block challenge where she invited crafters from all over the world to join a project to stitch together a global community quilt. She stitched a nine-inch square star-themed quilt block in space and invited others to create blocks of their own. NASA received over 2,400 quilt squares from around the world that were then quilted together to create 28 king sized quilts. Featured at the 40th Anniversary International Quilt Festival, blocks from the U.S were placed next to blocks from other countries to represent an interconnected world. 

Dr. Karen Nyberg has placed her name alongside well-known brands such as the Kratt Brothers (of the PBS show, Wild Kratts) Creature Hero Foundation, TEDx Fargo, and more.  Her website notes, “she is on a mission to work with brands, organizations and people who are taking steps to make the world a better place.” Parker Mountain Comfort Wraps is now one of those brands.

Leff comments, “it’s exciting! All her brand connections have been for a reason, so this has been a really wonderful connection for us. Like her, I’m also a mom and lover of photography and the outdoors, so to find all these overlaps between us has been amazing.  And, knowing that our work aligns with hers is really affirming.”  

The Dr. Karen Nyberg Earth Views line is now available from Parker Mountain Comfort Wraps. For more information, visit pmcomfortwraps.comFor more information about Astronaut Karen Nyberg, please visit or contact her agent, Marsha Lewis at  

About Parker Mountain Comfort Wraps

Owner Jessica Leff, and her husband Aaron, live a homestead life with their 3 boys, deep in the woods, chasing adventures in nature and digging their fingers in the earth. Jessica stitched her first wrap to support her mother in finding peace during a time of illness. Inspired by the therapeutic effects of the wrap, and their love for nature, Jessica and Aaron launched Parker Mountain Comfort Wraps in 2015. Their mission is to offer you sustainable, ethical and high quality products that align with who they are, and the values they have established.  

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