Food as a Tool For Comfort

We’ve all heard the term “Comfort Food.” It means different things to different people. For some, it’s a dish like Mom used to make. For others, it’s that flavor, texture, and temperature that just hits right. While foods can stimulate our cognitive memories, they can also trigger emotional response. Be careful, though, to not overdo it with the unhealthy comfort foods. A bit of comfort at the expense of long term health is not comforting at all. Sometimes all it takes is a small serving. Find comfort in foods that fit the season. As we’re rolling into the summer season it’s a great time to find a great salad recipe. Make a mix of baby greens with arugula and maybe a little dino kale. Top it with a light dressing of citrus vinaigrette. Add some protein (tofu, chicken, meat, or whatever) to bring the power. Enjoy the health benefits and comfort.