Last Chance Fidgets - Holiday
Last Chance Fidgets - Holiday

Last Chance Fidgets - Holiday

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Find focus and release tension. The Fidget is an excellent way to refocus and find balance right in the palm of your hand. Fidgets come in various shapes and sizes. Made with 100% cotton fabric and filled with whole flaxseed and customer-selected dried herbs.

Size: 3.5"x3.5"
Weight: 2 for 5 ounces total

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Why choose us?

The purpose of our products is to provide customers with a therapeutic, spa experience right at home. Our growing collection of all-natural and organic products provide comfort and calm throughout the body, helping the user create space for personal wellness and healing.

From deluxe, full body wraps to handheld fidgets, our versatile collection allows the customer to discover the perfect product for their needs.

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