Parker Mountain weighted blankets stand out from all the other weighted blankets you find online for the following reasons:

1) Our blankets can be heated in a large microwave or cooled in the freezer.

2) We make them 36″ x 42″ at the biggest so that can comfortably fit over an 80 pound child. They are made this size so that the weight is contained over the person rather then losing some of that weight on the side of the bed.

3) They are all handmade. We can also custom make items as well. Our customers have been a big reason many of our items come to fruition. Email or call us and we will work through color and texture options with you.

A) The shape of the seed is oblong and smooth, making for a really soft feel to the product.

B) You can heat or cool your wrap, eye pillow or blanket.C) We looked at using other fillers like poly pellets, rice or glass beads. Here is why we didn’t chose those fillers:
1) Poly pellets: They are plastic and on this earth there are enough plastics being produced. We did not want to part of the problem.
2) Rice: Over time, even when you add essential oils or dried herbs, we have found it has the smell of cooked rice. Flax does not have any residual smells.
3) Glass beads: If the product should fail, these beads look like sugar.***** Flax seed is food grade, meaning it is kid and animal safe.*****
D) Each flax seed has 30% oil content which maximizes temperature retention.
If the website has left you hopeful, excited and confused, contact us at info@pmcomfortwraps.com or call us at 866-4MY-CALM (469-2256). We will personally walk you through the benefit and features of each product. We will assist in choosing the best fit for your needs.
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